Arabic is the language of the Holy Quran. It is also a rich language with a rich literature. However, why was the Holy Quran revealed in Arabic rather than any other language? The answer to this question is easy and simple. The Arabs before Islam excelled in eloquence and liked expressive language. The Arabs also thought that no one could ever beat them in the field of poetry and eloquence. To prove that it is the word of Allah, the Holy Quran came as a miracle to beat the Arabs in the field where they excelled most. So for a Muslim to understand the Holy Quran better, that Muslim should learn Arabic. No other language can convey the meaning of the Holy Quran better than Arabic. A Muslim needs to understand the instructions and commandments the Holy Quran gives. A Muslim needs to understand the majestic style of the Holy Quran. The style of the Holy Quran resembles no other human style, simply because it is the style of Allah. Likewise, a Muslim needs to learn Arabic to perform their prayers and dua’s. Similarly, a Muslim needs to learn Arabic to learn, study and know the (Sunnah) tradition of prophet Mohammad. Muslims need to study, learn and understand Arabic to learn the prophet’s sera as well as the stories of the great companions of prophet Mohammad who raced to embrace and later to spread Islam to the four corners of the world. To sum up, Arabic is a vivacious language a Muslim can not do without learning it. A Muslim needs to learn that great language for their spiritual welfare in this world as well as for the great rewards they will get from Allah in the Hereafter.