You should be grateful to God for enlightening you to Islam, the genuine religion. You have taken your first step toward God, Truth, and the Right Path if you have recognized the veracity of Islam and converted to it, are curious to learn more about it in order to convert or wish to convert in order to marry a Muslim. Converting to Islam is a significant step that ushers in a new stage of life. Because it requires someone to question their prior views, it presents numerous difficulties for New Muslim Reverts. According to the study, conversion to Islam is a journey that transforms one’s life and is fraught with difficulty. Surprisingly, none of the challenges could deter the new Muslims from practicing the real religion. The Muslim community strongly values new Muslims. The new Muslim is blessed with the knowledge of Islam. He must increase this knowledge and he must learn about halal, haram, immoral, disliked, and mustahabb actions through knowledge of the Qur’an, Sunnah, jurisprudence, creed, hadith, and more about Islam.