Islamic Education

Find out why it’s essential for kids to learn the Quran online and how it can improve their lives. Religious instruction is an essential component of a child’s upbringing. In Muslim countries, proper Quran instruction is crucial. However, the parents seldom give this important component of education their full attention, which leads to the child later in life having a poor comprehension of the Quran in general and Islam in particular. The education of the Quran takes devoted time and the appropriate training, much like other parts of a child’s grooming. A youngster cannot be adequately taught about such a complete divine book with so many different parts by a lousy teacher.

b. Complete Code of Life If it is properly guided, children can accrue many benefits from Quran education. The Quran is a complete guideline for life in all matters. It has many valuable moral lessons for children.
c. Literary value The Quran is a divine book and a masterpiece of literature. Learning has a lot of value. The Quran is written in a unique and poetic way. It is a delight to read and understand the Quran.
d. learning history. Besides the religious aspect, the Quran can teach a lot about Muslim history. The Quran is full of historical references.
e. Mental Faculty It is difficult to remember something that you cannot understand. It is a challenging task that requires focus and perseverance. Memorizing the Quran improves a child’s memory.

Need for Quran Education Online

The COVID pandemic and recent floods have changed how we used to see education and living. Mobile and IT technology have made online learning a necessity. Children learn to use mobile devices at a very young age. It is a captivating presentation that piques a child’s interest. A balanced and well-designed app, according to the child’s psyche, can make him sit and learn with focus even when it is a boring subject or learning a new language such as Arabic. Online education is no longer an optional facility in the education system. It has become one of the prime ways to learn new skills and earn a higher education. Quran education is no different from other education; online Quran education has become the need of the hour. Children have such a busy and hectic academic life that time for additional things becomes difficult. Online Quran education can make it much easier to adjust Quran education in children’s daily routines.

Major Challenges in the Traditional Teaching of the Quran

Standardized Education. The traditional Quranic education process is time-consuming. Managing time for the kids takes a lot of work and effort. Most religious institutions have classes in the late afternoon or evening. At such moments, the majority of students don’t have the best energy or attitude. It isn’t flexible enough to organize the teaching schedule. The teaching methods are monotonous, and it is impossible to tailor the learning environment to each child’s unique personality. Children can learn about the Quran while having fun, thanks to eLearning. It can be modified to suit the children’s individual interests.

Poor Environment in Institutes

In educational institutions, incidences of violence and sexual abuse are on the rise. Politics and the propensity to promote extremism are now accepted norms. Another issue is bullying among kids and teachers. There is no effective accountability system in place to prevent a teacher from mistreating a student. Students with disabilities don’t get enough attention.
c. The place There are not always good teachers to be found. Either the teaching place is really far away or there isn’t enough room inside the home to teach the kids without disturbing them.
d. the pupil-to-teacher ratio. Traditional teaching methods had a very low student-to-teacher ratio. A student cannot receive individualized instruction from the teacher.
e. Poor quality of teachers The native teachers are not language experts, and their own education is very limited. Their focus on Quran education from the start is limited to mere reading and rote learning rather than understanding. The quality of Quran teachers available in non-Arab is not very good as far as the language is concerned.
f. Children’s Psychology Today children are very tech-savvy. Their schooling is done in a high-tech environment, it becomes very difficult for them to learn the Quran in an orthodox method. Standard Quran teaching methods do not meet children’s evolved mental aptitude.

Advantages of Online Quran Education

1: Cost Effectiveness

More and more students are choosing online learning as a result of rising school costs and rising inflation. Online learning is much more affordable than conventional Quranic instruction. The use of printed materials is not necessary. All of the educational resources are readily available online. It is really simple to use and interactive. Even less expensive than online instruction is the mobile application.
b. Information technology advancements The popularity of distance learning has increased as a result of IT improvements. In the present era, learning the Quran while lounging in your home is made incredibly simple thanks to high-speed Internet and interactive tablets. Online education makes it easier to teach topics like the Quran. Numerous tools are accessible online to improve

2: Parental Supervision during the Lesson

Parents overwatch can improve children’s learning, and they can guide the teacher on the psyche of the child during the lesson. Online education gives parents an excellent opportunity to guide and supervise their children while they learn the Quran. They can be part of a child’s learning activity. The kids with special needs can also learn it as the parents are nearby, and the outdoor environment can be a challenge for them.