Although prophet Mohammad couldn’t read or write, no man or woman has been written about than prophet Mohammad. Many Muslim scholars as well as orientalists have intensely studied the prophet’s life story. Almost every day of the prophet’s life story was studied, documented and researched. Prophet Mohammad was an orphan boy whose father, Abdullah ibn Abdul Muttalib, had died before prophet Mohammad was born. Prophet Mohammad’s mother Amina bint Wahb was a young widow whose husband, Abdullah died very young leaving her to bring up her orphan child. On his part, Abdul Muttalib, the prophet’s highly respected grandfather was the man who gave Mohammad that rare name. The Arabs didn’t know the name (Mohammad) before. Some references mention that only seven men were named Mohammad before prophet Mohammad. It was the custom of the Quraiysh women to send their newborn babies to wet nurses in the desert to suckle their children. The objective of this custom was to give the children the chance to grow healthy in the pure air of the desert. Also these children learnt the correct Arabic language. Knowing that Mohammad was an orphan with no father to pay much, most wet nurses refused to take the boy to suckle him. Only Halimah Al-Sa’idia had to accept to take the boy because she had no choice. However, as soon as she took the boy home, strokes of good luck began to occur to Halimah. First her lame donkey raced the other donkeys and arrived home before the other wet nurses, Halima’s she camel’s udder burst with tasty milk. Halimah’s own breasts were soon to be full of healthy milk for her own children as well as that blessed orphan baby, Mohammad.