1. An overview of the Online Zoom Quran Classes’ rising popularity Religious studies are no exception to how the emergence of online learning platforms has transformed the way education is imparted. Online Zoom Quran classes have seen a substantial increase in popularity in recent years. This essay digs into the benefits, approaches, and difficulties of learning the Quran online as well as the factors driving this emerging trend. Understanding the emergence of online Zoom Quran lessons is essential whether you’re a student looking for flexibility in your Quran studies or a parent seeking practical solutions for your child’s religious education – Recognizing the change to online education The way we access education and learn has significantly changed in the current digital era. The traditional classroom is no longer the only choice for learning thanks to the development of online platforms and cutting-edge technologies. The growth of online learning, which includes Quran education, is one significant change in the educational scene. Online Zoom Quran classes are becoming more and more well-liked because of how convenient and accessible they are. – Examining the increase in interest in Quranic education Education about the Quran is very important to Muslims all around the world. It is a spiritual journey that provides serenity and tranquility to one’s life, not just a religious duty. The need for Quran education has increased along with both the Muslim population growth and globalization. Finding qualified instructors or appropriate classes, however, can be difficult for many people in their local communities. This has caused online Zoom Quran lessons to become increasingly popular, which offer a solution to this issue by pairing students with qualified teachers regardless of their location.