Kids and Beginners Foundation Course Many Muslims who are not Arabs are interested in learning Arabic because it is widely spoken in 26 nations. They appreciate the language’s importance despite how challenging it is to grasp. Some people have aspirations of learning Arabic in order to assist in the study and understanding of the Qur’an and the Prophet’s (PBUH) Sunnah, as well as the preservation of Islamic traditions and identity. Others wish to connect with their Arabic heritage and be able to converse with their kin. The Noorani Qaida Course is the best option for you if you are a novice and have no prior experience with the Arabic language or the Holy Quran and are interested in learning Arabic or Quran online. Taking Noorani will help you learn quickly. As it helps you master studying Arabic and the Quran with Tajweed, Noorani Qaida, also known as Qurani Qaida (Foundation Course for Beginners), should be your first step toward learning the Arabic language or the Holy Quran. Thankfully, RubyQuran Academy offers the Best Online Arabic Course For Kids and beginners with tailored programs that perfectly meet students’ needs to master the Arabic language and delve deeper into its splendor with a team of highly qualified Native Arab Teachers at incredibly affordable rates. 1- An exceptional book called “Noorani Qaida” or “Qurani Qaida” is widely used to teach beginners (both children and adults) how to read Arabic, recite the Quran, and memorize its verses. The most effective Fundamental Curriculum designed specifically for Beginners to learn recitation and memory of the Holy Quran is Noorani Qaida. 2- Arabic Reading Course This course enhances Arabic Reading, Quran Memorization, Quran Recitation, as well as Tajweed Rules effortlessly and quickly, making it one of the greatest and most successful courses for children and beginners who wish to learn Noorani Qaida online how to learn Arabic, Quran, and Tajweed. 3- Kids’ Noorani Qaida Noorani Qaida Course is taught by Native Arab Tutors who are renowned as some of the best Quran and Arabic Teachers from the best Islamic Universities in the world. It teaches Kids and Beginners the fundamentals of the Arabic Language so that all students become familiar with the fundamentals of Arabic Reading, Quran Recitation, Quran Memorization, and Tajweed Rules. With the assistance of knowledgeable Noorani Qaida tutors, cutting-edge technology, and specially created, pre-made lessons, we have created a thorough Noorani Qaida Online Course for children and adults that enables them to learn the language quickly and easily. This course includes quizzes, educational games, and assignments that help students develop real-world learning skills. For children, it is a skilled, imaginative, and It is recommended for those who do not know the basics of Arabic and would like to read Arabic so that they can read, recite and memorize the Quran Properly with Tajweed Rules.