Are you a Muslim parent searching for an Islamic school in a non-Muslim nation? Have you ever wondered which Islamic studies programs for children are the best? Do you research the most effective methods for imparting Islamic education to your children? Are you concerned about how you will pay for your children’s Islamic education? The ideal setting for you is RubyQuran Academy. We specifically designed and developed our Islamic Studies for Kids course for children living in non-Muslim nations since we are aware of the difficulties parents may encounter in raising their children there and imparting good Islamic education. RubyQuran Academy is an accredited online Quran school that offers a full Islamic Studies Program for Kids if you don’t have the time or the suitable setting to teach your children Islamic Studies. Islam is a profound and beautiful religion that instructs people in all facets of life. But occasionally, due to an adverse environment, it becomes challenging to uphold your Islamic ideals or raise your children in a non-Muslim nation.