The Holy Quran is the sacred book of Allah. It was revealed to prophet Mohammad in Arabic. The angel of revelation Jibril delivered the Holy Quran orally prophet Mohammad over a period of twenty-three years. What characterized the revelation of the Holy Quran is that no ayah or verse was revealed to prophet Mohammad during his sleep. This means that the Holy Quran was revealed to prophet Mohammad while the prophet was aware and wide awake. Though the Holy Quran was revealed at different times, it has specific surahs with coherent topics and subjects.There are one hundred and fourteen chapters (surahs) in the Holy Quran. The Holy Quran is divided into thirty parts which are called Juz’s. The Holy Quran starts with surah Al- Fatihah, then surah Al-Baqarah (The Cow). The Holy Quran ends with surah An-Nass (People). The Holy Quran has many important topics to tackle. First it stresses and emphasizes the Oneness of Allah. Then it talks about the believers and their reward in the Hereafter. The Holy Quran also talks about the unbelievers and their punishment in the Hereafter. Furthermore, the Holy Qurans tells the stories of previous prophets and messengers and their struggle with stubborn people who rejected their faith. In addition, the Holy Quran sets some rules for the transactions of Muslims with each other. Also, there is organization of Muslims’ relations with non-Muslims in times of war as well as in times of peace.. The speech about the Holy Quran can’t end in one article or essay. It needs whole books to talk about the Holy Quran.